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 Announcing The Brand New, 25(!) Part, Step By Step Video Course,
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How To Plan, Create, Customize & Secure Your Blog Business Empire
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This isn’t just another video product with theory…
it’s taken from true results from a successful
blogger and hosting provider!

From: Dr. John Michael Christian

Dear WordPress Blogger (or soon to be), TRUE STORY: Normal, everyday-average people are making money by blogging, and this takes place every day. Want to be one of them?If you are blogging newbie or even just a little familiar with blogs, then you know how hard it can be to make even a little money with your blog.

By the time you have read the manuals and watched the free WordPress videos with the hope to figure out exactly how to set-up and manage your wordpress blog, others – possibly your competitors, have made hundreds of dollars and have moved way ahead of you in learning the newest
tips & tricks

You’ll end up playing a cruel game of catch-up with these fast-moving entrepreneurs. The more money they get, the more they can put toward improving their own skill set, and the more behind you get.

You need to take ACTION TODAY and even up the playing field…





WordPress Uncovered!

25 Part Video Course




This step by step, 25 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to set up your wordpress blog, thoroughly documenting the ins and outs of WordPress from installation to fine tuning the settings that most people don’t even know exist!

These WordPress videos are exactly what you have been looking for; each video discusses its topics in an easy to follow manner. If you are doing anything with WordPress, these videos will help!

I have cut the videos down into bite-size chunks so that you won’t become bored with 30min+ videos that will put you to sleep.


The video #23: Neat Tricks, will reveal special little hidden gems that I’ll bet you didn’t even know WordPress could do! This isn’t something you can get anywhere else. Some of these tricks aren’t even documented on the WordPress site!



Here’s a list of what’s covered in this 25 part video series..

Video#1: Installation
Video#2: Dashboard
Video#3: Posting
Video#4: Editing Posts
Video#5: Tags And Categories
Video#6: Links
Video#7: Pages
Video#8: Comments
Video#9: Themes
Video#10: Adding Themes
Video#11: Widgets
Video#12: Editors
Video#13: Plugins
Video#14: Tools
Video#15: Users
Video#16: Settings
– General
Video#17: Settings
– Writing
Video#18: Settings
– Reading
Video#19: Settings
– Discussion
Video#20: Settings
– Permalinks
Video#21: Settings
– Misc
Video#22: Media
Video#23: Neat Tricks
Video#24: Bonus #1
– Maintenance
Video#25: Bonus #2
– Optimization


WordPress Uncovered!

So…with that said, grab this video series now and learn how to

properly setup as many money making blogs as you want..

Grab Your Copy Of This Amazing Course Now!



And Here’s The Very Best Part…Hold Onto Your Hat

Based on what you just read about what’s in the course, you
know this thing is easily worth at least $97 without even thinking about it

But I know even that’s a stretch for folks in today’s economy,
so you won’t pay that.

You’ll pay only $97.00 $47.00 $17 for my “WordPress Uncovered “ videos… or less than you’d pay for burger
meal at a fancy restaurant!

And I’m so confident that you’re going to love this that
I’ll back it up with my…

Full 60 Days

100% Money Back Guarantee!”

This really couldn’t be simpler.

I want you to give this a thorough workout. Use the lessons. Take my advice. Prove it works.

Give it a workout for a full 8 weeks.

If you can’t make it work for you, or if you simply aren’t satisfied with your results, let me know and I’ll return every penny you gave me, no questions asked.
And I’ll let you keep everything as my free gift.

I don’t know how to be more fair than that!

Grab Your Copy Of This Amazing Course Now!



..But Wait – Still More..

In an attempt to sweeten the deal even more for you, I’m also going to add the following FIVE hot bonuses to your order at no charge if you try my video course right now…



50 Premium Themes

Just as a little extra something, I am including the top 50 WordPress Premium Themes for free!
No more sifting and trying to find a decent theme. They are all right here!


30+ Plugins Vital To A Blog’s Success

Also, no more hunting down and downloading your plugins for each of your blogs anymore!
I have included over 30+ Plugins that are vital to any wordpress installation, regardless of your niche.

Yes John, I Want The Entire Set Of “WordPress Uncovered” Videos Now!





I understand that this is the chance of a lifetime, so I want to take it!
Give me the “WordPress Uncovered” videos immediately.
When I submit my one-time payment of only $17 below,I’ll be able to download all video lessons – within minutes.
I understand that it’s all backed by your 100%
money-back guarantee
, so I can order with zero risk!


To Your Success!

John Michael Christian

P.S. This offer is as simple as it gets. This 25 part video series isn’t just another one of those videos that are made from theory. You get to watch over the shoulder from someone who has actually done this. So grab your copy of “WordPress Uncovered” Video Series today

If you’re unhappy with it for any reason at all, say the word and I’ll give you a full refund.  Deal?

Get Yours Now



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